List of The Open Champions

Below is a list of winners of The Open from the first ever champion, Willie Park, at Prestwick in 1860 to Shane Lowry who was the most recent winner at Royal Portrush in 2019. The winner of The Open receives the Claret Jug although this was not always the case. The champion used to receive the Challenge Belt but after Tom Morris Jr won the tournament three years in a row, he got to keep it.

Harry Vardon holds the record for the most number of wins (six) whilst Peter Thomson, J.H. Taylor, James Braid and Tom Watson have five wins to their name. Greg Norman holds the record for the lowest scores over 72 holes which was 267 in 1993 at Royal St. George’s whils Henrik Stenson’s total of -20 is the most strokes under par.

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Winners of The Open
1860W. Park, Prestwick1914H. Vardon, Prestwick1968G. Player, Carnoustie
1861T. Morris, Snr, Prestwick1915No Championship1969A. Jacklin, R. Lytham
1862T. Morris, Snr, Prestwick1916No Championship1970J. Nicklaus, St Andrews
1863W. Park, Prestwick1917No Championship1971L. Trevino, R. Birkdale
1864T. Morris, Snr, Prestwick1918No Championship1972L. Trevino, Muirfield
1865A. Strath, Prestwick1919No Championship1973T. Weiskopf, Troon
1866W. Park, Prestwick1920G. Duncan, Deal1974G. Player, R. Lytham
1867T. Morris, Snr, Prestwick1921J. Hutchison, St Andrews1975T. Watson, Carnoustie
1868T. Morris, Jnr, Prestwick1922W. Hagen, Sandwich1976J. Miller, R. Birkdale
1869T. Morris, Jnr, Prestwick1923A. Havers, Troon1977T. Watson, Turnberry
1870T. Morris, Jnr, Prestwick1924W. Hagen, Hoylake1978J. Nicklaus, St Andrews
1871No Championship1925J. Barnes, Prestwick1979S. Ballesteros, R. Lytham
1872T. Morris, Jnr, Prestwick1926Mr R.T. Jones, R. L'ham1980T. Watson, Muirfield
1873T. Kidd, St Andrews1927Mr R.T. Jones, St An'ws1981B. Rogers, Sandwich
1874M. Park, Musselburgh1928W. Hagen, Sandwich1982T. Watson, R. Troon
1875W. Park, Prestwick1929W. Hagen, Muirfield1983T. Watson, R. Birkdale
1876B. Martin, St Andrews1930Mr R.T. Jones, Hoylake1984S. Ballesteros, St Andrews
1877J. Anderson, M'lburgh1931T. Armour, Carnoustie1985S. Lyle, Sandwich
1878J. Anderson, Prestwick1932G. Sarazen, Prince's1986G. Norman, Turnberry
1879J. Anderson, St Andrews1933D. Shute, St Andrews1987N. Faldo, Muirfield
1880B. Ferguson, M'lburgh1934H. Cotton, Sandwich1988S. Ballesteros, R. Lytham
1881B.Ferguson, Prestwick1935A. Perry, Muirfield1989M. Calcavecchia, R. Troon
1882B.Ferguson, St Andrews1936A. Padgham, Hoylake1990N. Faldo, St Andrews
1883W. Fernie, Musselburgh1937H. Cotton, Carnoustie1991I. Baker-Finch, R. Birkdale
1884J. Simpson, Prestwick1938R. Whitcombe, Sandwich1992N. Faldo, Muirfield
1885B. Martin, St Andrews1939R. Burton, St Andrews1993G. Norman, Sandwich
1886D. Brown, Musselburgh1940No Championship1994N. Price, Turnberry
1887W. Park, Jnr, Prestwick1941No Championship1995J. Daly, St Andrews
1888J. Burns, St Andrews1942No Championship1996T. Lehman, R. Lytham
1889W. Park, Jnr, M'lburgh1943No Championship1997J. Leonard, R. Troon
1890Mr J. Ball, Prestwick1944No Championship1998M. O'Meara, R. Birkdale
1891H. Kirkcaldy, St Andrews1945No Championship1999P. Lawrie, Carnoustie
1892Mr. H Hilton, Muirfield1946S. Snead, St Andrews2000T. Woods, St Andrews
1893W. Auchterlonie, P'wick1947F. Daly, Hoylake2001D. Duval, R. Lytham
1894J.H. Taylor, Sandwich1948H. Cotton, Muirfield2002E. Els, Muirfield
1895J.H. Taylor, St Andrews1949B. Locke, Sandwich2003B. Curtis, Sandwich
1896H. Vardon, Muirfield1950B. Locke, Troon2004T. Hamilton, R. Troon
1897Mr. H Hilton, Hoylake1951M. Faulkner, R. Portrush2005T. Woods, St Andrews
1898H. Vardon, Prestwick1952B. Locke, R. Lytham2006T. Woods, Hoylake
1899H. Vardon, Sandwich1953B. Hogan, Carnoustie2007P. Harrington, Carnoustie
1900J.H. Taylor, St Andrews1954P. Thomson, R. Birkdale2008P. Harrington, R. Birkdale
1901J. Braid, Muirfield1955P. Thomson, St Andrews2009S. Cink, Turnberry
1902A. Herd, Hoylake1956P. Thomson, Hoylake2010L Oosthuizen, St Andrews
1903H. Vardon, Prestwick1957B. Locke, St Andrews2011D. Clarke, Sandwich
1904J. White, Sandwich1958P. Thomson, R. Lytham2012E. Els, Royal Lytham
1905J. Braid, St Andrews1959G. Player, Muirfield2013P. Mickelson, Muirfield
1906J. Braid, Muirfield1960K. Nagle, St Andrews2014R. McIlroy, Hoylake
1907A. Massy, Hoylake1961A. Palmer, R. Birkdale2015Z. Johnson, St Andrews
1908J. Braid, Prestwick1962A. Palmer, Troon2016H. Stenson, Royal Troon
1909J.H. Taylor, Deal1963R. Charles, R. Lytham2017J. Spieth, Royal Birkdale
1910J. Braid, St Andrews1964T. Lema, St Andrews2018F. Molinari, Carnoustie
1911H. Vardon, Sandwich1965P. Thomson, R. Birkdale2019S. Lowry, Royal Portrush
1912E. Ray, Muirfield1966J. Nicklaus, Muirfield2020Royal St George's
1913J.H. Taylor, Hoylake1967R. de Vicenzo, Hoylake2021St Andrews


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