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Golf Club Shipping

Use the services of our chosen golf club shipping provider Luggage Forward

Links Golf St Andrews has teamed up with Luggage Forward to provide a service which avoids the hassle of checking and carrying clubs at the airport and eliminates the possibility of airlines losing luggage in transit.

For your upcoming trip with Links Golf St Andrews, have your clubs and other luggage picked up at home and delivered directly to your chosen location, and returned home again upon your departure.

With pricing that saves you as much as 50% versus FedEx and UPS, a full money back plus $500 on-time guarantee, and complete customs clearance on your behalf, Luggage Forward is a trusted luggage shipping choice for clients of Links Golf St Andrews.

Pack as much as you want and choose from up to five shipping speeds

Save up to 50% compared to other shippers such as FedEx and UPS

Door-to-door service eliminates the hassle of carrying and checking bags

Every bag is guaranteed to arrive on time, or you get a refund plus $500

USA to Scotland = $239
Japan to Scotland = $379
South Africa to Scotland = $394
Australia to Scotland = $364
Spain to Scotland = $169
Canada to Scotland = $314
(Prices shown are examples of one way charges in US Dollars for one standard golf bag)

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